Who have you come as?

Last weekend, I went along to MCM Comic Con with some trepidation; not knowing what to expect nor what might be required of me.

The moment I arrived I realised that I am hopelessly under-dressed in a plain shirt and jeans (both from TK Max, where else?).

I know, what was I thinking?

Most people are dressed in outfits that they have made themselves. Neoprene and lycra is heavily used and in some cases without enough thought and consideration for others. Head gear is normal. Masks are common because I am attending the world’s biggest fancy dress party.

Who have you come as?

Er, Dominic Holland.


Every character is represented from every film franchise ever; some I recognise (Spider-Man, R2D2, Darth Vader, Iron Man…) and many I do not – mostly characters from games that I have never heard of. The only game that I play is golf and anyone attending a Comic Con in golf attire would probably be refused entry for being too weird.

Thor is heavily represented also and many of the men with hammers who I saw must be delighted with End Game and a fat Chris Hemsworth because finally they can be authentic.

I am doing a Q n A about Eclipsed and how the MCU has affected the Holland family and I brought along a vintage Marvel comic that Tom has signed. My plan was to raffle it off on the day with the proceeds going to The Brothers Trust. But with 35,000 people in attendance and the rules and regulations that govern MCM and their use of raffles, this wasn’t viable and so instead I decided to just give it to a fan who seemed worthy and might like it.

But who?

Which fan?

The place is crammed with young kids, all eager to explain how much they love Marvel and in particular Spider-Man.

Chatting with a family – a mum, dad and their two kids, I don’t know why but I decide that it is the  young boy’s lucky day. I take his marvel tee-shirt he is holding to wrap the comic with to hide it from other prying eyes and I ask him not to open it up for a little while so that other people won’t notice.

Much later and after a long drive, I arrived home to an on-line message from a young man called Liam Fairclough; the boy who received the signed comic. He thanked me (no need, but welcome) and also explained that he has a brain tumour and that the impromptu gift is a huge boost for him.

A worthy recipient you’ll all agree and remarkable that of all the people I met on the day that I felt compelled to give the comic to Liam.

Anyway, it made Liam’s day and mine.

I asked for his permission to write this short post – and all being well, I have a feeling that we might see more of young Liam going forward.

Thank you MCM for having me along and in particular to Annie Byrne and her team.

The day was long, eye opening and an insight in to the great responsibility on Tom’s shoulders.

Which got me thinking, isn’t there a line about Spider-Man and responsibility?





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