You heard it here first…

Regular readers of this blog – Eclipsed – will recall that I worked with a lovely chap last year called John Williams. John was at stage school with one, Ewan McGregor – so a connection there…

As well as being mightily impressed by his warmth on stage and comic flare, I was heartened to hear about John’s son, Ben who has a severe disability – a salutory reminder to me about how blessed I am.

Recently John wrote to me, thanking me for writing this blog and explained what it had meant to him – wholly unnecessary but very welcome. Obviously, I have written and continue to write this blog as a commercial venture – no secret or shame in trying to sell one’s wares – but it was gratifying to read that it has meant something personal to people also.

When we met, John explained that he would like to talk about Ben on stage but avoids doing so – something I can relate to because I feel exactly the same way about Tom. It’s one thing writing a story – quite another telling a stoey publically. I do mention it in some shows but I have yet to find a way that I am comfortable with.

Anyway, that said, I encouraged John to get on with it and tell his story and he has done exactly that…

My Son is not Rainman

…is the name of John’s show which I am told is bloody marvellous – which comes as no suprise to me at all. I am going to catch it and I urge you to do so too. And do visit his site and if you find yourself near a venue where John is playing – or indeed in Edinburgh – you could do a lot worse with your time and money. 

I have only met John once – but he has such warmth for life and love for his son – that he is a man worth supporting. In a week where the news has been dominated by an abominable father – we could all use being affirmed by a thoroughly decent one. And you never know,we all might learn something.

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