Tom Holland eclipsed…

Much is made of who we go to school with and fame by asociation. For instance, I have long told people that I went to school with Dennis Wise! (I didn’t in fact – which readers of my book – how tom holland… will understand)

But I know that people chuck my name about in discussing their school days. I was at school with Dom Holland (he wasn’t funny when I knew him?) – and no doubt, people at school with Tom will list him amongst their memories – but for a small school in South West London, Tom will not rank as their most illustrious classmate.

That honour goes to Nicholas D’Aloisio – the 17 year old who has just sold his app for £20m. Nick was at Tom’s school and in his class before leaving for a high achieving school up the road – leaving Tom and his mates to languish in normality.

So, Tom Holland eclipsed then?

Good. About time. See how he likes it…

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