A weighty review…

This week I received a tweet that delighted me. It went as follows

Derek W Shakespeare?@cookchef117h

have just completed reading Eclipsed by @domholland -a fantastically written book,just brilliant!!

Derek was at school with me. We weren’t best mates but he has come to a few shows over the years and I remember him with affection – and anyone taking the time to read my book and be in touch is a good egg in my book.

But then I received another tweet from Jeff Green – many of you will know Jeff as a great comic that he is. Jeff is one of the funnuiest comics off stage I have ever met and I have enjoyed his company at gigs for years – and too seldom of late.

Anyway – this is his tweet – which made me smile and also rebuke myself for not seeing it myself…

Jeff Green?@jeffgreen0074h

@cookchef1 @domholland Nice quote for the book: “Brilliant – Shakespeare”

So there we have it.

The quote to usurp all others and stands alone –


How tom holland eclipsed his dad by Dominic Holland

“Brilliant” - Shakespeare

2 thoughts on “A weighty review…

  1. Derek Shakespeare says:

    at the risk of sounding over enthusiastic : I finally completed my treading of “A Man’s Life” this morning.Started it ages ago but then left my Kindle in Ireland so had to wait for it’s return,via a visiting relative.At that stage I was only a few pages into the book and naturally wished to complete it,as I’d previously enjoyed Dominic’s two previous novels(Only in America, The Ripple Effect) and had literally just finished his other e-book “Eclipsed”.Having been at school with Dominic,and being aware that the book had some inspiration from his schooldays,natural curiosity led me to want to read it,hoping perhaps to see glimpses of that long ago time spent in the same educational establishment.These I found plenty of,just little reminders of characters from those bygone days.I’m not,by nature,the most nostalgic bloke but parts of the book evoked long forgotten “stuff” from those days-not all of it joyous,if I’m honest.Nonetheless,upon completion I realise how well written the book is and I’d highly recommend it to anyone.I’m a fairly prolific reader,mostly fiction with a few autobiographies thrown in,and can honestly say how heartwarming I found this to be.Here’s hoping that there’s more of such quality to come

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