Sometimes you don’t want to get recognised…

Like today – this morning when I was completing my son’s paper-round. My twins are away for Easter, Skiing with their school – while the rest of us stay in freezing temperatures but without the option of skiing.

So this morning, I did his paper-round for him and being recognized (even with my hood up) with car hoots is  not a good thing.

On twitter this week, an inquiry was as follows – how come you are not on telly on more? It is a question I am frequently asked and not one I can very easily answer. Available as I am – it is not a question for me but for others.

And so with this in mind, being recognized doing a paper-round is a nightmare for me. I imagine the conversations of sadness in the cars and vans. That was that comedian, used to be on the telly. Look at him now, doing a bloody paper-round. I hear his son’s doing very well though…

Thank God then that I have a blog to right this mistake.

Happy Easter everyone.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes you don’t want to get recognised…

  1. brendan maher says:

    happy easter to you too – love the blog. Not sure if you can help me but my missus deleted the link you sent me to the Tring show- could you send it again maybe ? I am gonna buy your book too for sure

  2. Derek Shakespeare says:

    hi Dominic – just finished Eclipsed after a long reading session-couldn’t put it down,I was so engrossed in the story.Loved the few references to the Vaughan and certain teachers there.Brilliantly written stuff -thanks so much for the insight into your obviously eventful life.Now on to finishing “A Man’s Life”-would have finished it sooner but my Kindle was left in Ireland and I only got it back this week.Cheers and Happy Easter .

  3. rodrigo says:

    hola para mi no tienen que hablar mal de vos y compararte con tu hijo son dos personas distintas. estuvistes en la tele pero ahora aun te recuerdan y se ríen de tus chistes, porque nadie puede olvidar a un comediante tan bueno como vos

  4. Renata Hollander says:

    I love your work, Dom 😀 i love too the work of your son(: he is amazing, in the movie The Impossible and in Billy Elliot 🙂 good luck 😉 have fun.
    PD: Your son is soo handsome and you too xD

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