A short but important blog post…

Whether we like it or not, we all have an ego. With ego comes pride and pride is something to be we mindful of. It is a deadly sin, after all.

I am regularly asked about pride.

“You must be soooo proud of your son”

…and usually most in reference to one son in particular.

And I am of course proud of him but no more so than I am of his brothers and for myriad reasons which I won’t labour this short post with.

Tom is heavily featured in the media at present with a certain movie almost upon us. Being feted and treated more like a rock star than an actor and at the screening to just the blinking trailer. How the hell will people cope with the film, I wonder (and fret).

But I want to draw my readers attention to something else that Tom is appearing in and is arguably even more important.

Venture into Cures – is an initiative by EBRP, founded by Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) and his wife Jill – to raise funds to find a cure for a life limiting disease called EB.

Many moons ago I was playing in a golf day in aid of a charity I’d never heard of called Debra. An old work colleague, Mick Thomas had organised the event. His son, Oliver has EB but having never met Oli, I knew nothing about the disease. At the time, we were discussing the prospects of our own charity (The Bros Trust) and seeing Debra’s literature and learning just basics about EB, it was obvious we had found our first charity to support. Tom is seen in the featured photo with Mick and Oliver at a Bros Trust event.

I promised Mick we would support EB but I recall my very words were a little loftier than just support – I promised Mick that ‘we would make a difference.’

This evening Tom is hosting an online show for EBRP – to raise funds in order to find a cure to what is a truly wretched disease. It runs just over an hour and features amongst others: Robert Downey Jnr, Eddie Vedder, Selena Gomes, Zendaya, The Jonas Bros, Ed Sheeran and TH of course.

There are appeals throughout for donations as you’d expect – but this won’t be appropriate for everyone watching but you can still support by sharing this blog and encouraging as many people as possible to view the show. Awareness of this disease is a close second to funding in their determination to find a cure.

The Bros Trust was established to shine a light on charities who struggle to be heard. EB fits this bill perfectly. Too few people have heard of EB and no one will fail to be moved by the hardship imposed by the disease on the sufferers and their families.

I am delighted that Tom is hosting this show for EBRP. That Tom and The Brothers Trust can be a part of the mission to cure EB. And when the medical breakthrough finally comes (within this decade) then for everyone involved – all the medics, researchers, fundraisers and supporters… it will be a magnificent achievement – for which we can all be rightly very proud.

Please tune in www.ebresearch.brandlive.com

I don’t normally ask people to share my writing. It’s implicit and happens organically if people enjoy what I write. But in this instance, I make an exception, DO PLEASE SHARE THIS BLOG ON ALL YOUR CHANNELS.

19th Nov 2021 – 01.00 GMT (or watch a recording depending on your time zone) and help spread the word.

Enjoy the show – and as I say above, be a part of something humane and magnificent.





4 thoughts on “A short but important blog post…

  1. Kim says:

    I’m already registered to watch and am looking forward to seeing the show in just over 12 hours time. As requested, I have just posted this blog on Reddit under r/Tom Holland and r/Spiderman with a title explaining what its all about. Hope it helps ?

  2. Becky says:

    I am ready to watch and support! I will share this post as much as I can. I love the work The Brothers Trust does! Looking forward to tonight! Thank you to the Holland family and The Brothers Trust for doing this important work!

  3. Kim M says:

    Really well done show! Thanks for the reminder this morning. I was able to watch and donate…with the bonus of learning something! I was waiting for your bad joke for #ebisnojoke. But the bad jokes they featured were pretty bad/good:)

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