Empire Building

Last night was full of mixed emotions for me. Pride that my son should win an award. Well done Tom.

Bemusement to be in a room full of film luminaries who belong to an exclusive club that I have never managed to join myself despite repeated applications – and paraded before me were too many films that I have seen and have not undetstood their success.

But more personal bemusement because the venue was The Great Room at the Grosvenor House – the very room where I have performed so many times over the years – doing the very gigs that have allowed me to afford to spend so much time writing my films and my books. This is the room where I entertained the Arsenal team at the PFA awards after they won the league and brought the bloody house I might add. And when Tom’s name was called out and he bounded to the stage to say thank you – he went on to to make a joke about the sponsor and he generated a large laugh from all gathered.

And at this I swelled with pride. Nevermind The Impossible and this acting mularkey. The kid is doing gags in the Great Room. Just like his old man then in so many ways – and unlike his old man as well I add ruefully – as readers of my book or this blog will testify.

After the awards – a party was scehduled in the West End. Naturally, Tom was keen to attend and why not? Nikki and I though were more keen to get home. It’s an age thing. Party on a Sunday night? Plus it’s having three other kids as well. It was a good idea of mine to drive after all. I’m just so sensible these days. Or old?

I expect Tom was the only winner last night who needed to be at school this morning. But still, who was I say the party was off limits? After all they had laid on a car for him.

“Dad – take this for me will you?”

It was his award.

Dad’s are useful for some things and this one is continually humbled but luckily still smiling…

9 thoughts on “Empire Building

  1. Clare says:

    I love the performance of his son in the impossible, I was thrilled and surprised me how well acted.Hope it hits the top, because it can.

  2. Janice Holden Pengelly says:

    Well done Tom! I thought he was amazing in The Impossible, so a worthy award winner who I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more off in the future! Dominic you must be so very proud!

    • Dominic says:

      thanks janice – I am of course proud but no more pleased than reading your mail about A Man’s Life – you will need to check out “how tom holland…” because you and Louise get a name check

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