The Great Room

The Great Room means a lot to comedians. When I say means a lot, what I really mean is that it provides a lot. 

The Great Room is the biggest and most prestigious corporate dining hall in a London hotel. Its location helps. In the 5 star Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane. Daily (sometime twice daily) The Great Room hosts dinners and awards ceremonies which comedians are lucky enough to host or perform at and are paid handsomely for doing so.

This includes me and many other much more famous comedians who would prefer to keep their involvement quiet. There is no kudos in corporate entertainment - only money. But I make no apologies for this. If it was not for such corporate gigs, I could never have written any of my books or films. I could never have afforded to – since the circuit comedy clubs have paid roughly the same money per gig for the last 20 odd years – circa £150-£200. Dare I say it, but what comedians need is a Bob Crow!

And I say all of this because tomorrow I am going to an awards ceremony at The Grosvenor House Hotel – and in The Great Room – albeit I am not working the gig (shame) nor earning a penny (double shame) – but I am being picked up by a car and I don’t have to worry about getting nervous.

It is The Empire Film Awards – and Nikki and I are going along as guests of our eldest son who is nominated in a category – and whether he wins or not – I will enjoy the event. Ed Byrne is hosting (lucky sod, not to mention rich) – so it will be good to see him strut his stuff.

I usually look forward to gigs in the Great Room because they are a much needed earner in these straitened times. Tomorrow will not be but I am doubly excited nonetheless – which is a good thing, I guess…

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